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Monday, May 13, 2013

Famous CW Operator Clubs

Here are the list of famous CW operator club

  1. FOC -First Class CW operators Club
  2. AGCW - German CW radio club
  3. ARRL A-1 Club - The A-1 Operator Club
  4. C.T.C. - Croatian Telegraphy Club - Association with free membership for telegraphy lovers across the world
  5. CTC - Croatian telegraphy club - A club for lovers of CW. The membership is free and open for all radioamateurs worldwide
  6. CW Operators' QRP Club Inc. - The CW Operators' QRP Club exists for those who enjoy low power amateur radio and homebrewing
  7. CWJF CW Club - Juiz de Fora CW club Brasil
  8. CWSP - Grupo de CW de Sao Paulo - CWSP brasilian morse code club
  10. Essex CW Amateur Radio Club - Essex CW Amateur Radio Club
  11. First Class Operators Club - British based CW club, originally founded in 1938
  12. FISTS CW Club - FISTS is a well established and recognized CW organization in the world of amateur radio
  13. GACW - Grupo Argentino de CW
  14. High Speed Telegraphy Club - High Speed Telegraphy enthusiasts club established in 1952
  15. I.N.O.R.C. - Official Site - Official site of the "Italian Naval Old Rhythmers Club", gatehering CW operators from Military Navy and Civil Marine
  16. LZ CW CLUB - The bulgarian CW club
  17. New England Historical Radio Society - The New England Historical Radio Society Inc. is an organization dedicated to the preservation of commercial Morse Radiotelegraphy on medium and high frequency.
  18. ON5CFT Morse club - Club Francophone Telegraphiste Station Officielle - ON5CFT Belgium
  19. SKCC Group - A group of hams decided to make those wishes come true and founded the Straight Key Century Club - a/k/a SKCC
  20. Telegraphy Friends Club - OK1HCG TFC - Telegraphy Friends Club
  21. Union Francaise de telegraphistes - French CW radio club

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