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Monday, November 18, 2013

Is Ham Radio Boring To You ?

Ham radio is an interesting activity to those who likes to explore and experimenting technologies. Being ham radio operator doesn't mean you need to be on air 24/7/365. You can do anything related to ham radio for example reading about coaxial cables or listening to shortwave broadcast.

Ham radio operator only permitted to transmit on amateur radio bands, but it doesn't mean that you cannot listen to other frequencies. Even though there are so many advanced communication technologies nowadays, ham radio still practical and reliable especially for emergency communications.

If you loose interest on 2 meters band communication, maybe you can start something new, high frequencies perhaps ?. Just remember that ham radio is the first social network before there is email, internet relay chat or facebook, ham radio build networking between ham radio operators around the world.

Ham radio is still relevant (http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20131115/ENT/311159996), old school tech somehow proven to be the best backup. Being ham radio operator you need to be creative on the way you think.

Reading about ham radio on the internet or magazine is the way to make you think broader than you are now. Beware with ones you blend with. Friends somehow can make you strong and also make you weaker. Be positive and open your mind. Do not simply trust or follow ones style or habit, find your own.

Having an eyeball QSO once a week without any topics can make you bored. Try to find any interesting topics to discuss and plan your eyeball QSO. If you plan well, then your next activities will be more interesting.

To new comers, find your own path. Do not follow others. Ask, read and think before making any act. Old doesn't mean right and new doesn't mean wrong. The differences between ham radio operators is their experience and knowledge. There is no rank or caste in ham radio. We are just the same.

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