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Monday, November 7, 2011

9th IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championship

The 9th IARU High Speed Telegraphy (HST) World Championship 19. - 23. October 2011 at Bielefeld, Germany.

New world records,

1. Anna Sadukova, RA4FVL Morserunner - 4686 points
2. Teodora Getzova, LZ2CWW Rufzxp - 180103 points
3. Stanislau Haureylenka, EW8GS Rufzxp - 216946 points

 Awarding ceremony (Category A): Liudmilla (EW7-044), Anna (RA4FVL) and Mihaela (YO8TLK).

Awarding ceremony (Category C): Natallia (EW8NF), Yulia (UA4FGO) and Adelina (YO8TAF)

 Awarding (Category I): Vladzimir (EW1MVN), Valery (RA9CLD) and Todor (LZ1BP).

Awarding ceremony (Category F, RufzXP): Fabian, DJ1YFK (2nd), Siarhei, EW7SH (1st), Bogdan, HB9EYN (3rd)

 Awarding ceremony (Category H, Overall, l. to. r.): Omari, UA4FFP (2nd), Nikolai, EU7KQ (1st), Antal, HA3OV (3rd), Heinrich, DL2OBF (4th), Stefan, YO8DOH (5th), Mihai, YO8COL (6th)

 Awarding ceremony, 3rd place in team competition: Romania

 Awarding ceremony, 2rd place in team competition: Russia (with Hans, PB2T)

 Awarding ceremony, 1st place in team competition: Belarus (with Hans, PB2T)

 Awarding ceremony (Category I, RufzXP): Volodymir, UT1IJ (2nd), Todor, LZ1BP (1st), Barry, W2UP (3rd)

 Russian-Polish-Japanese-German-Swiss friendship

Fabian, DJ1YFK Morserunner winner medal awarding.

Congratulation to all winners. You made your country proud. 

For more information and result details, please go to http://www.hst2011.de/

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