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Sunday, October 16, 2011


please watch this video first.

A proword is short for procedure word, or phrase. MAYDAY is the proword for an emergency/distress call. OVER is a proword to signify that you've ended transmission and expect a reply.

ROGER or AFFIRMATIVE is a proword signifying that you understand, and or copied the last transmission clearly.

The first voice was a station calling for the station who called emergency call earlier and he keep repeating the "mayday, mayday" words.

The 2nd voice from the other station who broke in was asking him to stop repeating MAYDAY on the air because it would cause problems with others listening.

Because, repeating the proword "Mayday" can confusing other stations listening in for emergency traffic. In this instance, with poor signal conditions, only the station in distress should use the prosign 'mayday'.

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