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Monday, April 19, 2010

TangoGPS - Free Map and GPS Software For Linux

tangogps is an easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS.
It runs on any Linux platform from the desktop over eeePC down to phones like the Openmoko Neo.
By default tangoGPS uses map data from the Openstreetmap project. Additionally a variety of other repositories can be easily added.
The maps are automagically downloaded and cached for offline use while you drag or zoom the map. Furthermore you can conveniently pre-cache areas with tangoGPS.

Using GPS

If connected to a GPS your current position and track are shown on the map and you can log positional data for further processing, i.e. for geocoding photos or uploading streets to Openstreetmap.
Geocoded images can be shown with the correct position on the map and you can mark your favourite locations and any points of interest on the map.
Last not least a friend finder function lets you exchange your position with others

The License

tangoGPS is an open source project published under GPLv2 License. Founder, lead architect and head developer is Marcus Bauer.

Several screenshots showing tangoGPS in action:

tangoGPS on the desktop/laptop/eeePC

Satellite Imagery from Openaerial.org

Terrain Maps from maps-for-free.com

tangoGPS on the Openmoko Neo1973 / Neo Freerunner

Main Screen
Detailed Trip Info
Map Context Menu
30.000 POIs (FON)
Geo Photos
Distance Paris->Airport


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